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An objective understanding of ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally, is a necessary prerequisite to improving our health through Ayurveda. A dosha quiz is an Ayurveda test to help determine our Ayurvedic body type. This is a first step that helps us benefit from this wonderful ancient science.


Understanding Ayurveda

Unlike the one-size-fits-all viewpoint of health that the Western medical model is built upon, Ayurveda understands that we are all different–in both subtle and overt ways. It’s all predicated on the concept of the doshas – the 3 primary forces of nature; vata, pitta and kapha – which are present in all of us in various proportions and combinations. In order know what Ayurveda prescribes for us, we must first understand who we are and how we are personally influenced by each of these forces. That unique combination of the doshas within each of us is known in Ayurveda as our own personal ‘constitution’.

There are several ways to sketch out this picture of ourselves. A skilled ayurvedic doctor uses pulse diagnosis along with a general assessment of physical and mental state to determine the constitution of their patients. Many books published on ayurveda include brief questionnaires that also reveal a general sense of one’s ayurvedic constitution.

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What is a Dosha?

In Ayurvedic medicine, doshas are the three energies that comprise an individual and have different functions within the body. Each of us has a predominant dosha or a combination of two or all three. Detailed characteristics of each of the Ayurveda doshas can also be found on our reference pages VATAPITTAKAPHA.
We recommend reviewing the characteristics of each dosha before completing our Ayurvedic dosha test. Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the language of each dosha, check our online dosha quiz to determine your constitution. A dosha quiz is a like an Ayurvedic body type quiz or body shape quiz, except it delves deeper into your spiritual, subtle being.

Remember, you likely won’t have all the characteristics of one dosha. Most people are a combination of two, sometimes all three: vata pitta kapha.

What’s your dosha? Take our 3-minute dosha quiz at the end of this page to find out your Ayurvedic constitution now.

Why Do You Need to Know Your Constitution?

The principle aim of Ayurveda is not to simply classify or categorize people. It also isn’t to provide excuses for our lifestyle excesses or emotional shortcomings. For example, it might be convenient to say “I’m pitta, that’s why I have a temper”; or “I’m overweight because I am a kapha”; or “I’m vata, so I hate loud noise — TURN DOWN THE MUSIC!”

On the contrary, when we have a clearer understanding of these three influential ‘forces’ upon our individual and unique being, then we have a solid foundation to consciously affect our health and wellbeing.

On a very practical level, understanding our constitution means understanding our individual needs and our tendencies. For instance, one who is predominately under the influence of vata will be prone to aggravation of this vata force and must become aware of what the factors are that aggravate vata, as well as those that calm it down. The same goes for those who are heavily influenced by pitta or kapha. With this knowledge, one can then craft a life that will always keep this dominant force in balance within them, bringing better health and greater peace of mind.

Let’s look at some examples of vata, pitta and kapha …

Vata Icon

Pitta Icon
Kapha Icon

As I just mentioned, a person with a predominately vata constitution will have an inherent tendency for the force of vata to get aggravated within their being. Knowing this, they need to stay warm in a dry, cold winter climate. If not – if they should ‘catch a chill’ – then they will likely suffer, to one degree or another, some of the symptoms of disturbed vata, such as insomnia, anxiety, dryness, constipation, etc.

In another example, a person with inherently strong pitta influence who engages in tough negotiations while dining on a spicy meal at noon, outside on a hot summer day is more likely to end up “losing their cool” and letting their characteristic ‘hot temper’ get the better of them.

A ‘kapha person,’ on the other hand, must make conscious efforts to add spontaneity and variety in their life, else their tendency will be to fall into a rut and become unproductive and lazy.

What these over-simplified examples mean to demonstrate is that by understanding our own specific tendencies and knowing both the factors which calm them and those which aggravate them, we can work to craft a more wholistic and healthy approach to our lives – an approach that avoids those things (diet, lifestyle, environment, etc.) that have a negative impact on us physically, mentally and emotionally, and promote those aspects that have a more positive, beneficial effect upon us. In a nutshell, we can make more conscious, aware and healthy choices in our lives.

Unlock Your Full Potential With Our Dosha Quiz

By learning your unique dosha combination (your constitution) you will be discovering things about yourself that you might have already known, but maybe never thought too much about – things like your inherent strengths and natural abilities.
On the flip side, uncovering your constitution can also illuminate your weaknesses and your biggest challenges too. But besides simply telling you what your strengths and weaknesses are, learning your constitution is the first step through the door of a more conscious effort to unlock your fullest potential in this life.

When you take the dosha quiz to reveal your Ayurvedic Profile, you’ll receive a comprehensive analysis of your personal ayurvedic constitution. You’ll know which of the three doshas influence you the most and be provided with insight into how this affects everything in your life – from a physical health standpoint to your mental attitudes and your emotional tendencies. We’ll also provide you with some specific guidance to help you to capitalize on this new knowledge – herbal, diet, and lifestyle recommendations to keep your doshas in balance and to help you craft a healthier, happier, more productive and fulfilling life.

Get Healthier, Feel Better

Do you have trouble sleeping at night? Have you struggled to maintain a healthy body weight? Do you get irritable for no reason? Suffer from low energy? Digestive problems? According to Ayurveda, all of these things are a result of imbalances in the doshas. When you take the dosha test, you’ll find out which of these forces are causing you trouble and learn what you can do to get yourself onto a healthier track. Often very small changes can have profound effects when you correctly identify the problem and understand what you can easily do about it.

Take the Dosha Quiz

Have a feeling that you’re a pitta person? Pretty sure that you’re a kapha? Vata seems to make the most sense for you? Let us help take the guesswork out. By answering these few simple multiple choice questions, you can find out exactly what your predominant dosha influence is.

Take the 3-minute dosha test now. The results might surprise you.

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