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Pitta and Kapha share some inherent qualities but possess some opposing ones too. Cold, heavy and oily are Kapha’s primary characteristics, while hot, oily/liquid, and light are Pitta’s.

Natural benefits result from the combination of Pitta and Kapha, as well as some challenges. For instance, oiliness or the liquid quality of both generally make for naturally soft skin, healthy joints, good circulation, and fluid movement through the digestive tract. Emotionally, it bestows a strong, inherent capacity to relax and share love with others. On the flip side, there yes a tendency toward oily skin and hair, acne, an overabundance of mucus, excess sweat, a tendency to bruise easily, and water retention.

In many ways, Kapha and Pitta’s positive qualities support each other. When in balance, Pitta’s strong will, determination, and drive can lift the fog of lethargy and sluggishness from Kapha, making you a natural athlete capable of building and maintaining a strong and healthy body. On the mental and emotional front, Kapha’s groundedness can keep Pitta’s fiery nature in check and help maintain emotional stability, steering Pitta’s natural drive and ambition toward greater success. When out of balance, however, these same qualities can lead you to act stubbornly and with frustration and aggression, putting up walls that will impede your success in life.

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DIGESTION and APPETITE: Here, Pitta’s voracious appetite comes up against Kapha’s love of food, making you a real foodie, but likely with a more refined sense of taste. You probably enjoy cooking, and you’re good at it. When it comes to eating, however, you might find yourself indulging more than most people, or tending toward emotional eating. You need to make a conscious effort to enjoy your meal properly and avoid eating too quickly or multi-tasking while eating, which can lead to digestive disturbances. Constipation, however, is rarely an issue with you.

ENERGY LEVELS: You have real advantages as a Pitta-Kapha type, possessing both inherently high energy levels and strong endurance. This gives you the capacity to achieve results with the efforts you put toward the things that you care about, including athletic and fitness goals. However, be mindful not to overexert yourself. When out of balance, you tend to feel unmotivated (Kapha) and hence, frustrated (Pitta) at your lack of physical activity and your level of productivity.

SLEEP:  You are most likely a sound sleeper and require eight hours sleep to feel rested and recharged. Though you might tend to stay up late, early to bed and early to rise work best for you, as sleeping in too late can make you feel sluggish and upset your daily productive rhythm.

TEMPERATURE: You are a fair-weather person, figuratively and literally. While Kapha is overly sensitive to cold and dampness, Pitta is the opposite, becoming uncomfortable in hot and especially humid climates. Dry air and dry weather suites both of these strong influences within you, but you’ll do well to avoid any temperature extremes. Subtropical climates are most agreeable with your type, but regardless of where you are, you’ll do well to keep yourself comfortable and not get overheated or catch a chill.


The inherent qualities of Kapha and Pitta together provide the foundation for a sound and stable mind. As a result, you have keen insight and a clever mind, which, when coupled with your calm, steady, and discriminating mind, gives you an exceptional ability to communicate with others. These traits also make you a good problem solver and likely the one whom others often look to for help. The grounded nature of Kapha coupled with Pitta’s natural drive and ambition makes you a natural and effective leader. Your strong principles, perseverance, and willingness to take calculated risks increase your capacity to succeed in your chosen endeavours.

Does this sound like you? Understanding the doshas and how they relate to us individually can help us to make the most of our strengths and to mitigate our weaknesses.



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The most important thing you can do for your health, both mentally and physically, is to adhere to a lifestyle that will keep both Pitta and Kapha in check. As a Pitta-Kapha type person, you possess both ambition and enthusiasm, and an inherent practical groundedness. When in balance, you are capable of achieving any goal that you set your mind too. The key to your success and happiness lies in maintaining a healthy balance between these two forces. If either Pitta or Kapha becomes aggravated, it’s important to recognize this and make immediate changes to your surroundings and your situation to avoid setting yourself back and wasting your efforts.

Getting lots of exercise (without overheating), spending time outdoors in nature, and engaging in activities that give you a sense of purpose and feelings of fulfillment are great ways to keep the Pitta-Kapha person balanced and happy.

One important way to manage your dual dosha is according to the seasons. In winter and early spring, follow a Kapha-pacifying regime and diet, while taking steps to reduce Pitta during the hot summer months.

To keep Kapha from accumulating in excess, be sure to:

  • Stimulate your body and your mind regularly.
  • Engage in vigorous exercise, such as jogging, hiking, biking, circuit weight training, vigorous forms of yoga, or martial arts, etc.
  • Be spontaneous, try new things, and engage in social activities, including lively music, uplifting experiences, and stimulating company.
  • Keep warm and dry.

When Pitta is aggravated, try:

  • A relaxing massage.
  • Seeking calming/soothing smells, sounds, and environments.
  • Yoga, meditation, and other stress relief practices.
  • Spending quiet time in nature.
  • Cooling off with a swim or a cold drink on a hot day.

When it comes to food, we all like (need) to indulge our cravings from time to time. Making a religion out of what we eat misses the whole point of living a happy, healthy life. Adhering to a diet that mostly includes the foods that are good for us and avoids those that can throw our dosha(s) into an aggravated state, is a sane and realistic dietary approach.

Ayurveda upholds the principle of “like increases like” and using “opposites as medicine.” Being a Pitta-Kapha type provides plenty of food options. Both Pitta and Kapha are increased by sour and salty tastes, which should be avoided. On the other hand, pungent, bitter, and astringent tastes are agreeable with both. Paying close attention to how you feel and when it is time to avoid certain foods altogether will go a long way in keeping you feeling good and healthy.

Food Do’s:

  • Emphasize pungent and astringent foods in your diet.
  • Eat sweet fruits in moderation.
  • Eat raw vegetables and greens.
  • Eat plenty of beans and other legumes.
  • Pumpkin and sunflower seeds are good.
  • Use oil sparingly. Almond and sunflower are best.
  • Use spices for taste, but don’t overdo it.
  • Milk is ok in moderation (goat’s milk is best).
  • Herbal teas and soya beverages are good.

Foods to Avoid:

  • Sour and salty foods.
  • Sour fruits, such as cherries, sour apples, lemons, bananas, and green grapes.
  • Grains, dry and cooked, in moderation only.
  • All types of nuts.
  • Sesame seeds.
  • Dairy, especially heavy cheese, cream, and yogurt.
  • Caffeine, carbonated drinks, sour drinks, high-salt beverages, and alcohol.
  • Go easy on the sweeteners. Fruit juice concentrates are the best. Avoid white sugar!

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